Getting dressed doesn’t have to be stressful.

It’s all about education. When you learn the timeless tools and techniques stylists depend on, you can build a wardrobe that works hard and serves you for years.

Helping you is the best part of my job.

My goal with clients is to teach them everything I know and work myself out of a job. Just think of the wasted time, money, and energy you’ll save when you confidently build your own wardrobe.

If you live in the Metro-Vancouver area, let me come to you. We’ll have a blast. If you live somewhere exotic (i.e. anywhere other than Vancouver,) don’t you worry. Once I master the internet, we’ll be a dynamic duo. I believe in us.


online consultations

You asked for it. It's in the works.

Be sure to join my mailing list so you're among the first to know when I launch this service. Alternatively, you can sit by an open window and listen for my squeal of delight. I’m sure my enthusiasm will break sound barriers.


strategic style assessments

Way less intimidating than it sounds.

This first step is a proven process to identify needs and generate a game plan. We discuss everything: clothing, colour palette, accessories, hair, and makeup. We'll address lifestyle needs, personal preferences, and budget.

The result? Peace of mind, direction, and joy. You'll be equipped with clearly articulated needs and best practices to help you build a wardrobe that works.

*Price varies

Closet Edits + Outfits

Dysfunctional closets are useless.

Peace of mind and freedom await. Besides a streamlined closet, you’ll get:

Multiple outfits comprised of your best garments (and if necessary, a detailed list of items needed to complete a look)

  • A photo book of outfits so you never have to think about what works together again. Ever.

*Package pricing available

Personal Shopping

The most fun ever.

If you hate shopping, hire a pro who knows your needs and has a vision. It’s counterintuitive to say, “Pay me to spend your money!” and “You’ll save money!” in the same paragraph but it’s true. You won’t waste a dime.

Based on your Strategic Style Assessment, I'll simplify everything. I’ll teach you on the fly and guide you to purchase only that which enhances your appearance, multiplies your wardrobe, and brings you joy. It’s the best.

*Package pricing available