Signature Accessories: 18 Ideas To Help Pinpoint Your Personal Style

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Accessories are a major component of expressing your signature style. They provide a glimpse into who we are and highlight that which we enjoy.

Consider cultures around the world. You will see evidence of our mutual and intrinsic love of accessories. Humans have adorned themselves for thousands of years. Museums often showcase ancient medallions, pendants, beads, and earrings made of bone and metal. This form of expression is one we all appreciate regardless of our age, language, or nationality.

Today’s accessories look different than those of ancient times but they function in the same way. They do more than complete an outfit. They bring us joy, express our individuality, and share our stories with the world at large.

What exactly is a signature accessory?

A signature accessory is something we wear time and time again, so much so that it almost becomes a part of who we are. Think Audrey’s pearls or Jackie O’s glasses.

This is not monotony; this is consistency. This is part of being rooted in the looks you love and defining your signature style on your own terms.

Are signature accessories imperative? No. But I think there’s a strong case for adopting them.

Why I believe in signature accessories

  1. Signature accessories bestow joy. They add layers of meaning to daily looks. They might conjure memories of a special holiday or life event: that getaway to Paris or the vows that changed everything. It’s nice to be reminded of special moments on a daily basis.

  2. Signature accessories take the guessing out. Sticking to what works and makes you feel terrific is an easy way to simplify both shopping and getting dressed. You’ll never hesitate to reach for what you love.

  3. Signature accessories can help maintain a lean closet. There’s no need to stockpile masses of jewelry or handbags when you dial in to what you love and wear it consistently.

  4. Signature accessories are a guaranteed way to establish a memorable iconic look. This is particularly helpful if you work in the public eye and need to be recognized.

Identify your signature accessories

If you don’t feel like you have a signature accessory and you’re looking to adopt one, here are ideas worth considering. As you read through this list, you may realize you actually do wear something special that people identify as being “you.” You might have a signature after all!

Have fun and let me know what you uncover. I’d love to hear from you!


Maybe you inherited an heirloom necklace from a Grandmother, or have a moderately sized gold link necklace that rarely leaves your neck. Maybe to you, bold is beautiful, and you adore your statement necklaces. These are all fine examples of signature looks.

Are you someone who has multiple rings on your fingers all the time? Is your idea of being dressed up wearing an oversized glamorous cocktail ring? Or maybe you have an heirloom gold signet ring that you wear on your pinkie? That’s a sure signature.

Do you own bangles that you pull on time and time again? Or maybe a classic silver bracelet that it goes with everything? You’re in good company. My liquid silver bracelet hardly ever leaves my wrist. It’s become part of my signature look.


Heirloom Jewelry
My daughter wears a bracelet that was given to me as a graduation gift many years ago. I love knowing she carries a symbol of me on her wrist each and every day. The piece belongs to both of us. Something like that can be your signature too.

Do you have a wardrobe of fun and funky frames? Do your friends always comment on how much they love your glasses? That’s a signature.

These move in and out of popularity it seems, but a glimmering brooch or a cluster of them pinned on a cardigan, or on a classy jacket could be your signature.

Do you love to wrap glorious textures and colors around your neck? Do you feel undressed if you’re not wearing a scarf?  Might that be a signature?

Do you adore defining your waist? If you wouldn’t think of going out without a fabulous belt to finish your look, I think you’ve found a component of your signature.

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Some people just know how to rock hats, regardless of the season. My daughter is one of them. You never suspect she might be having a bad hair day because she looks absolutely smashing in hats. It’s part of her signature.

Do you wear yours every day? Do you simply not feel dressed unless you have that classic strand around your neck? It’s your thing.

Do you like to have lots and lots of options in earrings, or do you default to a few classic styles? You admire dangling styles on other people, but you feel most comfortable and most “yourself” when wearing your simple studs or hoops. Own it. Either one (variety or consistency) can be a signature.

A Handbag
If you can find one that brings you great joy and ticks all the major boxes for your everyday life, buy it and maintain it. They can otherwise accumulate and take up precious closet space. Find one or two versatile ones and stick with them. Handbags are fantastic signature accessories.

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Some people adore fun and funky socks. Whether they simply “peek” out at the end of a trouser leg or have a more leading role, for some, it’s their signature. 

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. Do you wear your diamond stud earrings all the time? Or do you have a tennis bracelet that never leaves your wrist whether you are in jeans and a T-shirt or a swanky dress?

Other signatures to consider

Lipstick & Nail Polish
Technically not accessories but these splashes of colour serve the same purpose. A consistently smashing bright lip or nail can be a signature if it’s what you go to time and time again. 

A recent client realized how much she loves crocheted pieces. She naturally gravitates to them and has a number of beautiful, feminine pieces in her wardrobe. It’s part of her unique style.

Is there one fragrance you wear all the time? If so, it’s definitely your signature. (Ask those around you! It likely is so connected to their experiences with you that they’d be hard pressed to smell it and not think of you.)

Are you the woman who collects ballet flats? Do you reach for glamorous heels over and over? Or do you have an affection for vintage oxfords? Just because you wear different pairs throughout the week doesn’t mean shoes can’t be a signature. 

A Hairstyle
Anna Wintour is the perfect example of a woman who rocks a signature cut. She hasn’t parted with her iconic chin-length bob and thick fringe for years. When a cut is absolutely spot on and your face shape is consistent, why mess with a winning formula? If it’s good enough for Vogue’s editor-in-chief, it's good enough for every woman.

For some of you, these ideas resonate big time. You are likely nodding in agreement.  You’ve discovered the fun of selecting special things that speak to you.

If you’re stumped, perhaps you haven’t experimented much with accessories or maybe you’ve never given it much thought. You are going to have so much fun exploring the possibilities!

The more we get in touch with what gives us joy, and continue to express it, the more settled and confident we will become in its expression. Remember this. Think about what you go to time and time again. This is not monotony. This is what you love, trends be damned. Own it.

What’s your idea of a signature accessory?

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