Hi. I’m Marilee.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm passionate about two things: beauty and joy. In fact, my life's work has always been to create beauty with abandon, and in doing so I have found great joy.

I was an award-winning Professional Image Consultant and Colour Analyst in the early 80's. Once life got busy with the kids, I paused so I could be fully present at home but my formal training taught me timeless design principles like balance, proportion, colour and texture - things that have influenced all my creative pursuits over the years.

And I’ve done a number of creative jobs in three decades. My interest in design led me to train with Manhattan’s Lauri Ward and become a Use-What-You-Have Redesigner. It enticed me to become a True Colour Expert with Maria Killam.

From fashion and floral design to catering and interior decor, the underlying theme for me has always been beauty. It's that simple. Just give me a person, place - anything! - and I'll work hard to make it beautiful.

Now I'm returning to what I love the most. I’m helping women look and feel their best and teaching them timeless principles to save them time, energy and money.

I love seeing a woman gain confidence and embrace her uniqueness. I love watching her look in the mirror, stand a little taller, and see how radiant she looks in a new colour or style. I love hearing how she receives unsolicited compliments from strangers, friends and family. I love seeing her confidence impact every area of her life.

I'm a teacher and speaker at heart. The time has come to share the timeless fashion principles I learned and taught so many years ago, the ones I continue to implement in my everyday life.

Like some of you, I’m realizing time is of the essence.  If I don't do this now, when will I? This feels like when I faced my fears and learned to swim (and waterski!) at forty. Exciting and terrifying but it's now or never. I’d rather live with no regrets.

So buckle up!  It's going to be a thrilling ride!