Style is not about age or size.
It is about the confidence and poise to embrace our unique beauty and celebrate it through color, texture and design.


 Can I simplify my wardrobe, be fiscally responsible and still look amazing?

 Can I find clothes that fit my current lifestyle and altered body shape?

 Can I add new fashion trends to my wardrobe in a way that looks current and classy?

 Can I actually save time AND money and have more to wear?


 The answer is yes, you can.


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"I needed help examining my wardrobe and objectively determining what I could work with and what needed to go."

"Marilee's review of my existing wardrobe and assessment of my style and colours have already benefited me.  I now feel I have the tools to assist me in selecting what compliments my colouring and what suits my body shape."

- Rose Marie Ekren, Richmond B.C.

Getting dressed can be a stressful and discouraging reality, but it doesn't have to be.

When you learn the timeless tools and techniques that Stylists depend on, you can begin to build a wardrobe that works hard and serves you well.  You can have appropriate garments for everything your lifestyle requires and live in the confidence that you look your best all the time.  You can express your unique beauty through the fashions that you select and find joy in being the one of a kind original that you were meant to be.