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When you open your closet, do you experience joy?


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Style coach for every woman

Build a strategic wardrobe you love and get on with your life.


Let me guess.

You have nothing to wear.

Well, not really. You probably have too much. The trouble is nothing works. Getting dressed is a chore.

Maybe your body feels unfamiliar—thank you, motherhood or menopause—and you don’t know how to dress your new shape. The old wardrobe isn’t cutting it.

Maybe you’re stepping into a new chapter—professional life or retirement —and your new routine calls for a different sort of uniform.

Maybe there’s a special occasion around the corner. You don’t know where to begin but you know you want to feel amazing.

Maybe you just have too much to wear and nothing feels right.

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Ever Wondered…



  • Why does shopping have to be so frustrating?

  • Why is my closet jammed but I have nothing to wear?

  • Why do I buy things I never seem to use?




  • How can I feel like myself now that my body is different?

  • How do I find what I need without breaking the bank?

  • How do I simplify my closet and get on with life?

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Good news.

With the right education, these frustrations disappear.

Understand your shape and colour palette. You’ll learn how to immediately identify clothes that will work best for you, saving you hours in the dressing room.

Learn to build a timeless capsule wardrobe. You’ll downsize your closet and double your options by honing your shopping strategies.

Train your eye to discern details. You’ll recognize quality craftsmanship and choose garments that will endure.

Master the illusion game. You’ll be able to play up what you love most about your body (and minimize what you’re learning to love.)

Understand what you absolutely love. You’ll undermine marketing campaigns and shop with confidence and purpose.

Believe it or not, you can experience joy when you open your closet.


“I remember needing her help over 30 years ago. Likely the nicest outfit I ever bought! She’s is without a doubt the wisest choice you’ll ever make.”

- Vicki

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Why Style Coach?

Because I’ll help you dial into what you love, shop with confidence, and feel amazing every day.

You can strategize and build a wardrobe that endures. I’ll teach you industry tips and tricks so you can understand your shape, curate your closet, and shop accordingly.

The best place to start? Marilee’s 11 Strategic Style Solutions.

It’s my gift to you. Join my mailing list, claim your copy and follow along on Facebook or Instagram.


“My first impression of you was it felt like I was getting together with a dear friend. Marilee, I am so grateful for you, your energy and your spirit. Thank you from the bottom of my closet!”


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I’ll tell you what it isn’t.

Style isn’t a size. Style isn’t youth. Style isn’t a designer wardrobe.

Style is confidence.

A woman with true style doesn’t bow to trends or popular opinion. She knows what she loves and doesn’t apologize for it.

Style is discernment.

A woman with true style knows her worth does not depend on her appearance. Her clothing is merely self-expression. She isn’t ruled by labels and she sees through manipulative marketing.

Style is perspective.

A woman with true style knows life is far more than fretting over clothing. She focuses on her wardrobe once in order to forget about herself and focus on the world around her.

You already are that woman.

I’ll help you get to know her better.





Be prepared to learn more than you thought possible. I’ll leave you with personalized information to help you shop smart, build a strong wardrobe, and save precious time and money.


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I’m no stranger to the stage. Thirty years of experience also means I’ve got lots to share with an eager audience. Let’s team up and create something brilliant.


personal shopping

Hiring a personal shopper saves money in the long run. (It’s true!) Together we’ll do a Strategic Style Assessment and itemize your needs. I’ll take care of all the details and teach you as we shop.

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Your styling education starts now.

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You’ll save time, money, and sanity.

Once you learn to play the wardrobe game like a stylist, you’ll win every time. I’ll show you how.